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    The Preferred Provider for Oil Industry Professionals
  • The Preferred Provider for Oil Industry Professionals
Our Office

Our Company

Fendley Consultancy was established in 1988 as an Australian owned and managed Company to meet a growing need for the sourcing and provision of skilled technical professionals for the upstream Oil and Gas industry.

Since that time the Company has developed a solid reputation for the provision of high quality oil industry professionals; and currently provides services to a client base of over 50 companies throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Relationships developed over the years have led to these Companies entrusting Fendley Consultancy with the provision of Industry professionals to manage projects ranging from single well exploration to full scale field development programs. The Company's core business strategy focuses on ensuring supplied resources possess requisite skills, qualifications, training and expertise to perform services safely, promptly and in accordance with good industry practice, as a minimum.

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Our Vision & Goal

To achieve Excellence in Performance and Service Delivery.


Providing the right person, the right expertise, and the best possible outcome.

Service Delivery

Projects delivered on time, on budget, with zero harm.

We're not the only the ones excited about satisfied with Fendley Consultancy Pty Ltd...

Our Clients and Consultants across the globe are too.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development for Fendley Consultancy is about our commitment to health, safety, environment and the community..

It is about ensuring our systems, processes and practices give due consideration to the social, ethical, legal and economic aspects of our activities; with an end goal of ensuring long term benefit for both client and community.

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Creating a Culture of Compliance

Environmental Protection

Fendley Consultancy is committed to ensuring that all operations are conducted in an environmentally responsible manner, and in compliance with all applicable environmental and petroleum legislative requirements. fendley consultancy and its personnel and sub-contractors' activities are planned and conducted to avoid or minimise any adverse effect on the natural environment and social surrounding for the benefit of current and future generations.

Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare

Fendley Consultancy is committed to providing a safe working environment for all personnel and visitors. Fendley Consultancy prides itself on being a strong leader in WHS and strives to ensure compliance with:

    • Workplace health and safety legislative requirements.
    • Operating company policy.

Fendley Consultancy believes that:

    • No business objective will take priority over health and safety.
    • All injuries are preventable.
    • No task is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely.
    • Workplace health and safety relies on interdependence. We are all responsible for both our personal safety and the safety of our team members.

Risk Management

Fendley Consultancy has embedded throughout its business and HSE systems a risk management approach. Fendley Consultancy is committed to ensuring that all HSE risks and hazards are identified, assessed, and managed, and that planned and unplanned changes are identified and managed to assist in establishing and maintaining a safe and sustainable work environment.

Alcohol and Drugs

Fendley Consultancy upholds a zero tolerance to the use of illicit drugs or alcohol on all work sites.

Privacy Act

Fendley Consultancy aims to comply at all times with their obligations under the Australian Federal Privacy Act 2012.