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fendley consultancy embraces new technology development. We understand that the correct application of fit for purpose systems will provide higher quality outcomes for both our consultants and clients. We continuously revise our procedures and upgrade our supporting systems in line with our goal to “Strive for excellence”.

For Fendley Consultants !

Own Portal

No more cutting trees, we do things electronically. Using our proprietary system "Fendley Secure", our consultants effectively communicate, track and store their training records. The system also allows consultants to generate their own CV at any time and also works as a virtual usb drive which will follow them wherever they go.

Friendly Reminders

An automated system is in place to send out bi-weekly reminders to all our active consultants about upcoming certification/training expiry and or renewal dates. The system also prompts for expiry/renewal of passports, driving license etc.

Fendley Secure Smart Card

All our consultants are issued with a Fendley Identification Card. The card is accessible on any smart device, and helps the Consultant to demonstrate mandatory certification compliance, check upcoming course expiry dates, and select which training (client specific) they wish to show on screen. All cards are password protected and include a manual verification feature to further discourage remotely generated hacking systems.

One Contact Point

Our Client Service Managers ensure that required assistance is provided in an efficient and timely manner to consultants assigned to their projects. This one on one personalized service ensures that any administration problems encountered can be quickly resolved through one point of contact.

Visa & Travel Arrangements

We are partnered with industry leader Corporate Traveller and Haylock Migration to provide fast and quality travel/visa arrangements to our consultant group. Both Partnering Companies are well established in the industry, and have an intimate knowledge of our business, which often proves to be invaluable when last minute changes are required for operational reasons.

CBT System

Our proprietary online competency based training system provides a platform for our consultants to demonstrate skills and knowledge retainment. The system also includes a section on new technology development, accessible by the Consultant Group to catch up on new developments that may be specific to their work discipline and existing skill set.

Relocation Management

We have a dedicated department which looks after Visa arrangements and relocation packages. This ensures timely processing of requests when raised.

24x7 Emergency Advice & Support

We provide round the clock emergency advice and support.

For Fendley Clients !

Own Portal

Our customised Client Portal enables nominated client focal points to access real time data as and when required. Options include customised templates, with flexible reporting parameters to help our clients generate reports to suit various in-house requirements. Once a report template is developed, all subsequent, data changes are cascaded to the report templates; meaning reports can be generated on a 24x7 basis and constancy provide the most up to date information.

Dedicated Client Service Managers

Our dedicated Client Service Managers provide personalized single point access for all matters related to their particular project, contract, or client. This system provides clear lines of accountability, while also providing Client focal points with a source of knowledge on historical information relevant to their ongoing projects in the event of internal transfers / movements.

Industry Experts

Fendley is managed by a core of Industry professionals possessing extensive oilfield experience in various field and office based roles. While the management team may not have the immediate answer to an operational query, within the Fendley network they will be able to source resources that will be able to provide feedback and support.

Electronic Document Approval

The introduction of a paperless process has eliminated the need to print, sign, scan and resend. Our electronic signature system is used for requesting and obtaining client on-boarding approvals, contract and contract renewals, special permission acknowledgements, and virtually all other documentation which traditionally required a signature for authorization. This helps our clients to save time, be environmentally friendly, and enhance online security by minimising the exchange of sensitive data in an online environment.

Electronic Status Monitoring

Project status monitoring is the newest addition to our system repository. This system enables our clients (both internal and external) to monitor status of their requests, obtain real time updates on project actions under Fendley responsibility, and obtain a timeline display illustrating a break-up of activities and their individual scheduled time frames.

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